Friday, August 11, 2017

Another Off-The-Shoulder Top for Fall Transition $55! & Coney Island Adventures

Slate blue, tiered OTS TOP for $55 from Nordstrom. Similar TOP (comes in black or red) also $55. Similar TOP available in 6 colors. Khaki cropped JEANS by Mother--on sale for $146. Similar in regular DENIM. Nude MULES. Cloudy blue Faye Suede Chloe PURSE

HAPPY FRI-YAY, SISTERS!! It's the best day of the week, but I am heartbroken because I had to say good-bye to my BFF, Laura, last night! She headed back home to Paris, but we are hopeful it won't be too long before she's a NYC resident. I cannot imagine not having her here. We had the absolute best time. I loved showing her all of my favorite places and exploring new ones along the way-including the iconic CONEY ISLAND, but first, let's talk outfit deets! 

So this is another one of those looks that you can easily take with you when you do you closet season trade-out. It's a perfect and appropriate look for *both* summer and fall! And especially perfect for the fickle NYC weather! 

This top is ONLY $55 and comes in two colors. I love this blue/green because it matches my Chloe purse so perfectly! These cropped, khaki jeans have been a staple piece for me. They go so well with every top I own-no joke! They are also on SUPER sale! Hurry and grab a pair before your size is gone! I tossed on some nude mules to complete the look. I got this pair of Prada mules on sale, and unfortunately they are gone, but I linked some similar and more affordable pairs that will give the same look! 

Ok, so I just wanted to give a quick recap on my time having Laura stay with me. I feel like we never stopped moving. Actually, most days we walked over 7 miles! The weather was perfect, and we saw so many great things. Including my first ever trip to Coney Island. We took the F train directly there with my friends Margaret and Paige. Paige just moved to the city and is also from my hometown, and it has been so much fun having another hometown gal around! I've really been so lucky in the friends I have here! 

Coney Island was definitely an experience, and I highly recommend to someone who hasn't been! We ate hotdogs from Nathan's, and we even got the special "Grub Tubs." It's a plastic tub with a hot dog and fries placed on top of a large drink (Margaret is holding one in the picture above). It was exactly the type of meal one would expect from Coney Island. We just sat on the beach and enjoyed the warm weather. Hopefully I got a little bit of color on my white legs! 

Yesterday, Laura and I explored Brooklyn. She wanted to see the Brooklyn Bridge before she left, and it was definitely a great last stop on her trip. It couldn't have been a more beautiful day. I am absolutely in love with Downtown Brooklyn, DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights. Every time I'm over there I think I would LOVE to live there. It's just so much more peaceful than Manhattan, and the homes are to die for! 

I'm going to have a busy next couple of days before I'm jetting off to my next adventure. I am currently catching up on some laundry and cleaning up my apartment. Chase is so sweet and has offered to take care of George Harrison while I'm home so I don't have to board him<3 I know George will be happy because Chase is definitely his favorite. 

OH and today is my dad's birthday, SO HAPPY BDAY, DAD!! I LOVE YOU! 

Sending you all love today xx 

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