Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Rebel w/ a Cause-- Struttin' in the Perfect Yellow Ruffle Dress

Mustard yellow, ruffled wrap DRESS for $74 by Storets. Similar DRESS with floral detail on Nordstrom for $47. Similar DRESS from ASOS for $40. Yellow/gold ankle wrap SANDAL heels by Sam Edelman. HEELS in grey, red, blue & multi from Nordstrom. Yellow-tinted Aviator SUNGLASSES by Vogue. 

Hey girls! Happy Wednesday! I am so pumped to blog this outfit today. This is a dress I am absolutely crazy about, and it just naturally brings out all kinds of sass! 

It's one piece with a wrap. The edges are laced with ruffles, and the sleeves are my favorite part! I was feeling especially monochromatic when I shot this look so I added these yellow-gold heels by Sam Edelman and these yellow-tined sunglasses by Vogue Eyewear. I've literally been wearing these every single day. They give off all the retro-vibes. Since wearing them I've seemed to be listening to an exceptional amount of Steely Dan! hah! 

Yesterday was such a fun and busy day! After shooting early in the morning I ran over to have my hair styled with the T3 team. The stylist took my hair from being a nappy bird nest mess to being more amazing than I've ever seen it! It was such a fun break, and I will take any opportunity to have my hair played with. Also, T3 just has the world's best hair tools. I cannot say enough good things about their products! 

I honestly have hardly stopped moving this week. Busy would be a huge understatement, but I honestly love it. It's so much more fun having stuff to do than just sitting around, and there are only so many times one can watch The Office all the way through! 

Just reflecting on my first couple months living in NYC, and it has already been unforgettable. I love living in a city with so much going on, but even more so, I love living in a city with so many different and diverse people. NYC has someone from every imaginable walk of life, and living amongst so many new people is really eye opening, interesting and inspiring. 

Sending lots of love. Hope today is the best! xx

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