Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pink, Cold-Shoulder Dress w/ Gold Polka-Dots

Polka-dot, cold shoulder DRESS now on SALE for $45 from Topshop. Similar DRESS by Tularosa. Nude Valentino ROCKSTUD PUMPS and HERE

You know when you have those weeks with so much ahead that your head is spinning long before the storm hits? Well, this week is that kind of week for me. I have so many cool things in the works over the next few days while trying to wrap up my first graduate school class and finish strong! I need some serious energy to get through to the other side! 

Ok, so this dress... Let's talk about it because I want you to get this gorgeous item in your closet before it's gone because it's going FAST! Pink with gold polka-dots, bell-sleeves and ruffles and cold shoulder--this dress really is a myriad of this seasons hottest trends. It's from Topshop and on SALE... FOR $45! So you'd really be silly to miss out on this one! 

Size guide says to size one size up. I did, and it was actually a little big. So I will definitely recommend sticking to your typical size on this one. But as for a general rule, you should usually size up one size in MOST Topshop clothes. This one may just be an exception. Nevertheless, I love it, and you will see me wearing this one out any opportunity I can get! 

I wore it with my Valentino Rockstud pumps. If you don't have a pair of these (or the dupes) I would highly recommend. You will be shocked at how much you find to pair them with. Yes, they are pricey, but I like to look at pieces like this as an investment. One you most definitely won't regret! 

Last night the most ridiculous storm hit out of nowhere. It was such a gorgeous, sunny day. I just hopped out of the shower to get ready to meet some girlfriends for dinner when I looked out my window to see the wind blowing large pieces of cardboard and plastic across the sky. My apartment has a view of the Hudson River and the water and waves were like watching a storm roll in at the beach. Coming from the left were dark grey clouds covering everything in sight. I've seriously never seen anything like it before. I was sure it was the end of the world. If you've never seen a storm come in from 21 floors up I probably would not recommend it. This all sounds so dramatic, but I'm serious--It was terrifying! 

Hopefully no more of that hitting this week! I'm going to get some homework finished up for tonight's class! xx

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