Monday, June 12, 2017

Floral Embroidered Top & Black Skirt (My crazy weekend)

Flower collar BLOUSE by Storets. Black lace-up SKIRT (under $40!) Black Louboutin PUMPS. Similar PUMPS for under $120! 

There's not denying this last weekend and week before was a wild one. I feel like everything has just really hit at once! For starters, I thought I completely fried my laptop... that's why last week's blog posts were MIA. My computer charger had a short in it, and it somehow sparked my computer when I plugged it in to charge. My Mac immediately turned off and made a horrible hissing noise every time I tried to turn it back on. Long story short, I took it to an Apple store not far from my apartment and got everything worked out. But it all happened in the middle of me studying for my big midterm (it's tomorrow!! Wish me luck!!) & shopping for furniture. 

... Which leads me to my next topic... I'M OFFICIALLY MOVED INTO MY ACTUAL APARTMENT! Yesterday, I moved all my things from the fabulous model apartment to my adorable studio alcove. As wild as it seems, I honestly think I like my place more. Even though it's virtually an empty shell with only a bed, coffee table and rug (couch comes sometime today), it just feels so much more like home. I even moved my cat, George Harrison, from my boyfriend's place to here! You know what they say... home is where your cat is! <3 

Ok, enough jabber... I want to talk about this outfit! These are two pieces I've had in my closet for some time, and just decided it was definitely an outfit worthy of a post. I'm thinking I found the best work or interview outfit out there. It's classy yet it still shows off personality. 

This embroidered color top can be worn to fit lots of different styles. I just love it buttoned all the way up because it shows off the detail so much more. 

This skirt is also $38!! So definitely do not miss out on this steal! Paired with a black purse and black pointy-toe pumps! 

Back to my apartment--I plan on doing a post soon about tips on apartment hunting in NYC. I've had some requests on it, and I think it's now appropriate since I'm officially in my own place! 

Hope you all have a great week! xx

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