Monday, May 22, 2017

Yellow + Denim -- Class Starts TOMORROW!

Bell-bottom JEANS. Yellow long sleeve TOP from Revolve for $68. Yellow TOP  OTS short sleeves with detail from Nordstrom for $42. Yellow TOP OTS w/ long sleeves from Nordstrom for $55. Double G Gucci BELT in brown with silver buckle. Marc Fisher Espadrille platform WEDGE available in 5 colors.

I've been living the NYC life for nearly a week so far, and I can't say reality has set in quite yet! I hit the ground running as soon as I arrived in town, and it has definitely been eventful so far! 

Today's outfit is a fun one. If you've ever been or really ever seen movies even of NYC, you know all about the iconic yellow cabs. I tend to take more Ubers, but I definitely appreciate the convenience and the availability of these cabs-- and I'm a huge fan of the color! I mean, it adds so much vibrance to the city! So today's look is all inspired by the NYC cabs. 

Yellow and denim. You can't go wrong. I don't really think there's a better match. It makes such a simple pop and contrast. I threw on my bell-bottoms and hit the streets. This top isn't for sale anymore, but I linked a few adorable AND affordable similar tops above and below so definitely click on those links and have a look! 

I also linked my exact belt. These are often hard to get your hands on so definitely buy before it's too late! They sell out WAY too quickly. :( 

Unfortunately, I had my wallet stolen a couple days ago so that's put me behind a bit. It was a Burberry wallet I got a few years back in London, and it literally had my life in it! I lost my driver's license, insurance cards, credit & debit cards, checks, university ID, bond receipts (yes, that's correct-- a story for another day!!) and some precious notes and items I've kept with me for years. I just can't believe someone would do something like that. 

Anyway, enough of that drama. Other than that minor setback I've had a pretty amazing time so far! The weather has been absolutely amazing. I love my church, and I'm so excited to have an opportunity to get plugged in and grow within a community. After church today, my mom, Chase and I went for a long walk in Central Park. I hope to spend a lot of time around it throughout the summer. 

Andy tomorrow I start graduate school classes. It's honestly kind of scary going back to school after working. I'm worried I will have forgotten how "to school." hah! I know it'll be so great. I just need to get started and get back in the groove of it all!

In my last post, I briefly explained the dilemma with getting into my new apartment. So today I am moving into my apartment building's model apartment. On the plus side, it will give me more time to get furniture together for my real place. But I'll definitely post pictures of the model! 

I hope you all have a great Monday & week ahead! xx

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