Friday, May 12, 2017

Summer Suede

Red, suede DRESS from Free People--available in 5 colors! Similar faux suede DRESS from Free People--available in navy & grey (under $100). DRESS on SALE at Nordstrom in pink. Hot pink, suede, pointy-toe PUMPS by Sam Edelman at Nordstrom--available in lots of colors! Similar hot pink, suede shoes w/ ankle strap heeled SANDAL--also available in several colors. Floral, paisley BANDANA from UO-- only $8! My GUCCI Dionysus isn't linkable right now, but here is a small hot pink version. This one is SO cute!! SUNNIES by Ray-Ban at Nordstrom. 

Happy Friday, everybody!! 

Summer suede... I know, you may be thinking I am crayyy--zyyy, but just bear with me. It's time to accept the fact suede is here for the summer and here to stay! I'm not complaining, and neither should you! 

It's time to pull back out those adorable suede shoes, dresses & bags you may have thought needed to retire post winter. You won't be disappointed you did! 

Take a look around at your local stores and online shops. It's amazing the amount of suede that hasn't seemed to disappear. It's the new hot trend for spring and summer. I got this dress last fall from Free People. I added a white, bell-sleeved top underneath, and paired it with some over-the-knee boots and a felt Janessa Leone hat. Well, it's back, but this time, it's styled a little differently for warmer weather. 

First of all, this dress is incredible. It is so well made, and it has POCKETS! It's really thick--making it a little heavy, but I know you carry heavy purses already so this should be no problemo! 

I added my favorite lightweight bandana and round Ray-Ban sunnies. 

My dress isn't the only suede I'm sporting in today's post! So these shoes are hot pink from Sam Edelman. They come in probably 20 different colors, patterns & styles so there's no excuse to not find one to add to your shoe collection. I'm thinking about ordering a couple more before the weekend is over! 

I'm also wearing the brown, suede Gucci Dionysus I got around Christmas last year. This bag is my current fav (note how often I wear it), and I've linked a smaller version in hot pink--I WANT!!! 

I think you should give this whole summer suede thing a try! 

Today I am headed to visit Emily and baby Luke one last time before I move to NYC. I'm so sad I will be so far away, but fingers crossed they will come visit me before he's much bigger!! I am almost done packing. I've been spending most of my days packing, cleaning & running around to have one last catch-up with friends in the area. I don't really think moving has fully sunken in just yet, but I know it will right as I am leaving! 

Sending lots of love your way this weekend! xx 

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  1. I don't know if I could handle this dress on an uber hot day...but for the cool summer days YES!