Wednesday, May 31, 2017

IT'S MY 24TH BIRTHDAY-- Making this year count + the sweetest denim dress

Denim embroidered, bib DRESS by & Other Stories--under $100! Similar black BOOTIES by Jeffrey Campbell. Another similar pair of black BOOTIES for 25% off & another black BOOTIES for 25% off! Black CAP by Brixton for $42. 

Hey hey! Coming at you live on my first day as a 24-year-old! 24 has always been my favorite number, so it may be the last year I'm ok with getting older! I think I would be completely ok if I could just stop aging after this year. So if anyone knows how to make that possible please HMU!! 

Saved this cutie outfit for my birthday because it's everything you could ever dream of in a denim dress. Very similar style to yesterday's denim top post, but this dress zips in the back instead of buttoning in the front. It's the perfect dress for year-round wear! 

It's still a bit chilly here in New York so I added some black booties and a black cap! These items are great accessory pieces! (Today I literally wore a leather jacket)

I said earlier in this post that 24 is my favorite number. Well, it is for a kind of weird and morbid reason. You see, my older brother, Jeremy, passed away in a car accident when he was 24. He was (and still is) the best person I've ever known. He had a way to make everyone feel loved and important. Since then, 24 has reminded me of Jeremy, and in turn, the number has left me positive feelings because in my mind it's associated with love and kindness. 

With each new year comes a turning page. It's an opportunity for self-reflection and growth. This year I want to focus on being kinder to others than ever before, putting other people's needs above my own, making people feel important & loved and stop focusing on the trivial things in life, but instead focus on how I can help make a difference. All things I think Jeremy was master at doing. 

So here's to 24! May it be another great year! Lots of love. xx


  1. Happy Birthday lady! My birthday was on the 24th...but I turned 32 hahaha.
    I am sorry about your brother, but I think it's amazing that you're using your 24th birthday as a way to honour him. I can't imagine that it's easy, but continuing his legacy as a wonderful person through yourself is such a beautiful thing to do.

  2. A late happy birthday. New York will be an amazing life experience. I know how you feel. I lost my brother suddenly Jan 30th this year and it's surreal!! I miss him every day. But Jesus has him now and he's all well. I follow Emily Gemma's blog and found yours. Praying your time in New York will be blessed with all God's blessings!! Amanda :-)