Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Black Embroidered Adeline Dress by Alexis

Dress in ROMPER. Alexis dress FLOOR LENGTH. Available as a TOP on Shopbop. Similar STYLE on ASOS. Similar DRESS by Alice + Olivia. Similar DRESS for $84. VALENTINO'S HERESUNNIES by Valley via Nordstrom. 

Pack and sleep and pack and sleep. That's what my days have looked like this week. Gosh, who knew moving across the country was such an event!? It seems like this will never end! We are officially under a week till my move, and I am more and more excited & nervous all at the same time! 

This dress is my favorite dress ever! I know I have a lot of faves, but I promise, this one is REALLY it! I'm crazy over the embroidery & the extremely intricate detail! I just imagine it at a fun event or party. I added my favorite shoes (yes, also my faves) to complete the look. People ask me about these a lot, and I personally think they are worth the money. I wear mine more than I even imagined. They just go with so much, and to be honest, they aren't uncomfortable! 

These sunglasses are by Valley and such a fun and funky pair to add to your collection. 

Also, how pretty are these flowers?? When I was about to shoot this look in NYC, I sent my boyfriend a text asking him to grab some flowers for me, and he had these put together. I wish I had a vase so I could keep them longer! 

So as I get myself ready to leave, there are also a few things I've needed to do to get my cat, George Harrison, ready as well. I got him some cute new bowls, I traveling crate for the flight and a couple toys. My boyfriend's dad is a vet, and said we need to give him a valium so he won't be meowing (screaming) through the whole flight. The last thing we need is a cat fight on the plane! BUT--we need to test it on him FIRST to make sure the dosage is right. So last night, we gave my sweet, little cat his test of valium.... oh gosh, the poor thing got really sassy at first and then loopy! It's kind of sad and hilarious to see your cat act drunk. I guess it's just part of moving a cat, too! 

Have the best Wednesday! xx


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  1. Beautiful dress Elle - I can see why it's your fave. I'm wondering if I should buy it for an upcoming wedding :D

    poor kitty hahaha. I have two cats, and there's a potential that I may be moving to Australia from Canada in a few years (my bf is a doctor and wants to do his fellowship there) I get so nervous when I think about taking my cat on a flight haha - you'll have to let us know how it goes

    good luck with the move!!