Thursday, May 18, 2017

6 Tips For Your Big Move + First Days in NYC!

I am OFFICIALLY moved to New York City! I honestly can't believe it is already here. Since January I have been preparing for this, and over the time I have gathered a few tips on ways to help make your big move go more smoothly. Now, I don't deem myself an expert by any means, but these are a few things I've personally found helpful. 

Tip #1: Downsize 

This is something that for me is much easier said than done. I am a self-proclaimed hoarder when it comes to clothes. It's easy to keep old clothes when so many things from 8th & 9th grade still fit. I also don't like getting rid of things in case they come back in style. NEVERTHELESS--DOWNSIZE. I cannot tell you the weight that has been lifted from my chest since I gave away, donated and sold 80% of my closet. I feel like a new person. There's just NO way I could take it all with me. Yes, styles come back, but you just made new room for the cuter version to be added. Only take what you know you will use and nothing more. 

Tip #2: Plan 

I am one of those people that does much better when I see things down on paper. Make a list of things you need to do before you move and check it off. Take your shoes to get new heels, get that dress hemmed, get your hair done and make a last doctor or dentist appointment. These are things you won't want to be bothered to do when you first move--especially because you will be spending so much time unpacking and re-organizing. 

Tip #3: Make Time

Set aside enough time to get all your ducks in order. You're going to have a lot of things you need to get done before you go so don't cut yourself short on time. Stick to that plan you made, and set aside time accordingly. 

Tip #4: Check Shipping Company Prices

So I went with FedEx for my shipping because it seemed to best fit what I needed done. Don't cut out shipping options though. There are plenty of places online that have great shipping services that may not be UPS, USPS or FedEx. 

Tip #5: Check Delivery Date On Orders

This is a BIG one. A lot of big pieces don't arrive according to typical shipping standard days. Make sure you know the delivery dates. You don't want your couch to arrive before you do, and you definitely wouldn't want to end up being couchless for 2 months because your's is being handmade and shipped from the other side of the world without you knowing first! 

Tip #6: Don't Get Too Busy 

This one is much easier said than done. You are busy, I know, I've been there. You are about to move and people are going to want to see you, hug you and wish you off. Let them. Remember, you moving isn't only effecting you, but also those who love you. Grab that last cup of coffee with the friend you haven't seen in awhile or your very best friend. Life is short, and you never know when that cup of coffee could be the last ... not to get all morbid, but things in life change. 


So I probably packed TOO much. Despite my major downsizing. "Purge" doesn't even kind of describe what I did to my closet collection... I'll likely be adding even more to Poshmark. Even though I just ended up taking a ton of stuff off of it because every time a friend would come by I would make them leave with two armfuls of the clothes! 

But now here I am in NYC. Getting here wasn't so easy though. We made it to the airport in plenty of time on Tuesday, but the ticket counter was way understaffed, and because of this we waited in line for about 45 minutes before getting to the check-in. My mom and I were told our flight was closed, and we wouldn't be able to get on another until later that night. Luckily, the women took pity on us... (I think because of how cute George Harrison is), and we made it! 

As soon as I got to the city though, I found out I wouldn't be able to move into my apartment until JUNE 10TH! My original move-in date was the 22nd of May. I just had to come up earlier because I had orientation last night. There's no way I would be able to stay in a hotel for that long. My boyfriend, Chase, and his roommate, KJ, were sweet enough to offer to watch George Harrison. And we worked it out with my apartment building to let me stay in the model room until June 10th. Ok, so let me just say, I am going to be SO spoiled staying in the model. It is bigger than mine, on the 29th floor, has an incredible view AND fully furnished-- of course in the most adorable decor. I will definitely take pictures and be posting them on my Instastory and SnapChat! I can't say I'm complaining about this at all. 

Ok, enough babbling for today! Still so much more to catch up on! Have a great week & weekend! xx 

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