Friday, April 7, 2017

Red Floral Ruffle Romper

Red floral ruffled ROMPER from Nordstrom via Topshop. ROMPER online at Topshop. Similar-style romper HERE. My most worn wedges HERE. Similar-style HERE

Hey everybody! For today's post I'm bringing a bright and cheery red romper. I absolutely love this look. It's so easy to throw on & dress up the most simple of outfits. 

This romper has elbow-length sleeves and ruffles down the front. The back is cut out, too! It's made of the lightest material so it's perfect for those hot summer days. Throw on a denim jacket to turn it into the most perfect summer night-out look! 

I'm wearing my favorite wedges by Marc Fisher. You would think I would start wearing some other shoes, but these seriously just go with everything and are so comfortable! 

Today is my last day in the office. After this weekend I will officially be unemployed and headed back into that student life. I've spent nearly a year and a half at my job, and it's really starting to set in that it's over. I've learned so much in this time out of undergrad, and I've made some really great friends and memories to share. 

Going back to school brings a lot go mixed emotions. Even though it's really only been two years since I left, I can't help but feel like I forgot how to school. lol! I guess if so, I have no choice but to relearn! 

Last night I went to Searcy to visit my college roomie and best friend, Kelsey. We went to Harding to watch Spring Sing rehearsal. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Spring Sing, it is a musical production, which over 1000 Harding students participate. Students rehearse for an entire semester to perform in the club shows or with the ensemble and hosts. My senior year of college, Kelsey was a host and I was in ensemble (about 20 audition spots). Over 12,000 people travel to Searcy to watch this show every year over Easter weekend. It's really an amazing event. Just watching this year's hosts and ensemble rehearse really put in perspective how quickly life passes by. It seems like just yesterday Kelsey and I were singing and dancing on that same stage. From watching in the audience it may seem like nothing up there has changed but the faces, but when you take a second it's crazy to think how different life really is since those two years ago when we performed. Back then we would have never guessed at the things to come. It reminds me of my favorite Bible verse: Habakkuk 1:5--"Look among the nations; observe, wonder and be amazed. For I am doing something so great in your days, you wouldn't believe even if you were told." 

Have a lovely weekend! xx

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