Monday, April 3, 2017

Gingham Print Dress + A Weekend With The Fam

J.Crew DRESS on Nordstrom. Gingham print DRESS from J.Crew. Similar dress on Nordstrom HERE. Another similar on Revolve HERE | EARRINGS from J.Crew. EARRINGS on Nordstrom | This jacket is old, but similar styles HERE (via Nordstrom Topshop) & HERE (via Nordstrom Madewell) | SHOES by Marc Fisher via Nordstrom. 

Monday, here again... and sadly! Another great weekend in the books! 

I'm excited to bring you another adorable outfit for your summer wardrobe. Gingham print is HOT & one trend you definitely don't want to miss out on this season. I grabbed this dress immediately at J.Crew a couple weeks ago. It's sleeveless with an adjustable tie and a peplum, ruffle bottom. It's a great length for work, a day out or a day-time wedding. 

I wanted to add a pop of color with these great earrings. They are SO light. I really struggle with earrings because I hate when they are too heavy. After years of wearing huge earrings my piercing is way over-stretched. (I think I need to get that surgery to close them up and re-pierce!) But these hardly weigh anything at all. They come in several color combos as well! 

I also added this old denim jacket. I got this one probably ten years ago at T.J.Maxx, but I linked a couple other adorable similar styles! 

Saturday night we celebrated the wedding of my cousin, Tyler, to his sweet bride, Taylor! My family could not be happier to welcome her to our family! It was a beautiful ceremony at the perfect location! 

And yesterday we had a gender reveal party for my cousin, Morgan, and her husband, Andrew! They are proudly having a sweet baby girl named Ella Jane after Morgan's late mother, Jane Ellen. What a perfect name to honor such a lovely and sweet lady. 

Yesterday my grandparents also celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary! They are two of the world's most amazing people. Over the years they have been the best example of love and companionship. I have never known two people who are more loving or thoughtful of one another. I truly look up to them, and I guess you could say they are real #relationshipgoals. lol! 

This weekend was all around perfect. I am so thankful to share these precious moments with my family before I leave! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a great week to come! xx 


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