Monday, April 10, 2017

Blue Wrap Dress

Striped, wrap DRESS by Topshop on Nordstrom (under $100!). Very similar dress HERE for under $50! Another very similar dress HERE from Goodnight Macaroon ($65). HEELS by Dolce Vita via Nordstrom (under $100). Sandal version HERE (under $90)

It's a new week, and this new week brings a great fresh start for me. Last night was my last day working at my job. It's a bittersweet thing, but it's mostly a turning page to this next chapter in my life... my big move to NYC! But not to be too rushed because I'm nowhere near packed or halfway mentally prepared. Nonetheless, time ticks on! 

I've been so excited to show off today's outfit! I took these while in San Fran with my bestie, Laura! We had a lot of fun shooting on these trollies! 

This dress is seriously so great. It's lightweight, ruffled and has a tie around the waist. This dress is linked above, and it is Topshop. I've also linked two extremely close to identical versions that run a bit cheaper. Definitely click those links and have a look at them all before buying. When I wear this out I always get a lot of compliments, but it's really one of my most simple outfits! 

I threw on some Dolce Vita sandal heels to match. I also linked the sandal version of these shoes! Both are SO cute and perfect for summer! 

So yesterday for my last day of work I flew to Austin and back in ONE day for an event. I was gone literally ALL day. I have never been so ready to crawl into bed. I wish I could find time to hang out there. Austin is really such a cool place, and I'm really interested to see what all it has to offer. 

Today I am headed off on another quick adventure with my mom before my move! I hope you all have lovely Mondays! xx


  1. Loving this blue ruffled dress, hope you have a blast living in NYC!!!
    Areli's April
    On Bloglovin

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