Monday, April 17, 2017

Blue Striped Top & Blue Striped Skirt Combo

Ruffle, striped TOP in blue ($54!!). Ruffle shirt via Chicwish in PINK ($54!). One-shoulder ruffle shirt in blue by MLM Label HERE | Blue & white striped, ruffled mini SKIRT ($68). Similar skirt HERE on Nordstrom via Topshop ($60!--SO CUTE!). SHOES by Jeffrey Campbell.

Hi friends! I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! I know I sure did. Any reason to gather with family is a great time in my book! After church, family and friends gathered at my parents' house for lunch. When I was a little kid, Easter was a HUGE event. Since I grew up with about 18 close first cousins our Easter egg hunt was a big deal. It was quite the show to see us scattered across the yard and fighting for the most eggs! Now it seems like more of my cousins are starting to have kids of their own. It'll be fun to see that tradition continue with the next generation in our family! 

Ok, so this outfit. I bought this skirt while in San Fran with my best friend, Laura. I really haven't been able to pass up the blue stripes these days. I took it back home to Arkansas and noticed it matched (but not too closely) to my one-shoulder, ruffle blue top! I was inspired to try them on together & decided this is a look I LOVE! 

Both pieces are striped and ruffled. The blue stripes on the skirt are a bit lighter than the top. I really like this contrasting look, and it adds a little different element than the typical matchy-matchy.

This top is undoubtedly a HOT piece for the season. This one is cheap and from Chicwish. I linked this blue one and it's pink sister above and to the widget below! The pink is really fun, too, AND great for summer! 

Also, these shoes! Jeffrey Campbell is always winning when it comes to shoes. He really can't go wrong. These come in several colors so shop up! 

Easter is a great time to step back and be reminded of the ultimate sacrifice Christ made for us. A sacrifice He made selflessly, once and for ALL. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in all we've done wrong. Knowing there is nothing too big that Christ's sacrifice can't cover is such wonderful re-assurance. 

Sending you love on this Monday! xx 


  1. I am so obsessed with this ruffles on ruffles combination!! Love this whole look.
    Areli's April
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