Friday, February 24, 2017

That Canadian Tuxedo--Denim on Denim


For today's post I'm going a way out west! This is a look I would wear everyday if I could, and I have absolutely zero shame pairing denim on denim. In fact, it's one of my favorite styles to wear. Hands down. 

I've always had a little western streak buried deep within. My mom is a native Texan, I grew up with horses and have spent  huge amounts of time at my family's cabin in Taos, New Mexico my whole life. It's one of my favorite places in the whole world. I love the cool, dry air, the gorgeous wildflowers in summer and the unique style and culture. And somehow this outfit seems to perfectly take me back to my second home. 

So this jacket is killer. I own 7 denim jacket. All of which are worn regularly. This one will be no different. I love the embroidery on the back (note the sunflowers--my favorite flower!!) and the embroidery on the front and sleeves. The detail is unparalleled. I've linked several similar denim jackets if this doesn't quite strike your fancy. BUT EVERY GIRL NEEDS A DENIM JACKET. It's just a fact. The jacket I am wearing is a size small. 

This pants are amazing. Actually when I walked in the store I b-lined straight for them. Ask my friend, Leigh Anna. She was with me. (Even though I was supposed to be shopping for a gift for someone else...oops.) They are wide-legged with a tie, denim belt. They are also high-waisted. So great for those cute crop tops in the summer. I'm thinking I'll pair with an off-the-shoulder crop. Pants are a 26. 

Also--the jewelry is from!! Have a look at their stuff. The necklace is called Lenora! So pretty and simple to pair with lots of different things. Defintiely check their site out! 

 A lot of really exciting things are on the horizon, and I have nearly every weekend/ week planned down to the day until I leave for New York. This next weekend I'm taking a quick trip to visit one of my best friends. Stopping back home to say hi to my parents and pet the creatures. Last night I went through my room and closet in Little Rock and loaded all the clothes and things I think I won't need into my car. I think I may be jumping the gun a little on packing up, but I'm just so excited about my next big adventure. If anyone has any tips about big cross-country moves please, please email me! I would love any help I can get! 

I hope you all have a fun, safe and restful weekend! xx 

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