Friday, December 30, 2016

Oversized Turtleneck Sweater

 {Sweater} {Purse} {Belt} {Boots} {Hat

Happy Friday! I am so excited to blog about today's outfit because it is definitely one of my very favorites + there are really cute pictures with my pup, Mila! 

This sweater is absolutely perfect. I feel like I've really only been wearing turtlenecks over the last few days, but I really just love them so much! I especially love this one because it's so thick! This sweater can be worn as a top or dress. I sized up to a medium so it could more easily be worn as a dress & added brown tights. This sweater also comes in grey! 

My belt was a Christmas gift. I have jumped on the Gucci belt bandwagon, but I'm not at all ashamed. I like this one because it's brown with a silver buckle, and it matches my Dionysus perfectly! 

The hat is actually my gift to my mom. It's once again my favorite hat brand--Janessa Leone, and it's a grey/brown mix with a silver band. If you haven't gotten a Janessa hat yet, I would highly recommend. The hats are by far the best quality I've ever worn. Not to mention, they have so many adorable styles to choose from. 

And of course, I've worn these boots nearly everyday. Never thought I could love a pair of grey boots so much! I've actually been shocked at how much they go with! 

My dog, Mila, is a Doubledoodle--half Goldendoodle/ half Labradoodle. She is the easiest and sweetest pup around! 

I hope everyone has a great time ringing in 2017!! xx

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