Friday, December 16, 2016

Not Just Your Mom's Jewelry Brand

This Christmas I am teaming up with Pandora, and I just have to let you guys know, it's really not just your mom's jewelry brand! Seriously, they have SO many cool pieces you will NOT want to miss out on for this holiday season! And with all the variety, it really is a one-stop-shop for every female in your life! <3 

I stopped by Pandora at the Park Plaza Mall in Little Rock, and was blown away at their selection & the wide range of styles they provide! It was near impossible for me to even choose so I left with SO MUCH! 

You guys know I tend to like things on the more edgy side. I was so happy to see all the leather wrap bracelets and chunky beading. They of course still have the iconic charm bracelets, but if you are looking for something different I would definitely recommend checking their products out. 

So let me just fill you in on the pieces I left with, but I seriously think you need to make a stop in-store for yourself or shop here: 

For bracelets I am wearing the Beaded Sterling Silver Bracelet & three Black, Triple Leather Bracelets. 

The necklace I am wearing is the Pandora Essence Collection Beaded Necklace (wrapped twice) with the Midnight Star, Midnight Blue Crystal pendant.

And for the rings I am wearing stacked the Forever Pandora, Clear CZ (triple layered), Star Trail & Inspiration Within, Clear CZ. And on the pointer finger I am wearing Elegant Sincerity, Mother-of-Pearl. 

With only a couple weekends left till Christmas, I think you guys know where to finish up your shopping! I know I do! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! xx

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  1. Just started following your insta and about to begin following your blog! Love your style and funk so far; and excited to get more involved in your postings!
    How did you begin to do all this?! I'd love to know, as I am an aspired blogger myself!
    Love to know more about you and absolutely LOVE the pandora collection ��