Monday, December 12, 2016

Belles in Bells

HAPPY MONDAY!! Today's post is all about my three best friends, Joelle, Kelsey and Julia! We became friends at Harding through a social club we joined. We went on to living together from sophomore year through senior year (& I still live with Julia), but we aren't sick of each other yet. These three have been my biggest source of laughter, support and encouragement over the last 5 years, and I couldn't be more thankful. 

Joelle is married now and lives in the Nashville area with her rockstar husband, Cody, and is in OTA school. Kelsey is a teacher, and she is seriously the best and coolest teacher I have ever known! Julia lives with me and is an accountant in Little Rock (studying for the CPA :( bless her), and she is planning her wedding in June to her sweet fiancé, Adam. You must listen to them sing together. It is truly out of this world. Despite how life has taken us in different paths, we have still managed to stay so close. They are the truest of true friends, and I guess they are stuck with me for life. 

This weekend we planned a mini-retreat to meet about halfway in between Nashville and Little Rock. Our meeting place was in Bells, Tennessee. We stayed in the cutest log cabin in the pines that is placed on an old cotton farm with a school and church on the property. The family who built our cabin were that's really exciting! --Although, no moonshine today! We stayed up by the fire, laughing and catching each other up on life's most recent events! 

On Saturday, we went to the most amazing drive-though safari! We got to pet and feed so many exotic animals! I was in heaven! We had lunch at the Bells local hotspot, The Burger Basket! It was quite the treat & the people were so friendly! 

Bells is such a cute, little town. Life seems slow, and everyone's southern accents are even slower. There are churches on every corner, and every house is decked out for Christmas. It's definitely a place I would love to visit again. 

We always love to sing when we are together. Especially around Christmas time. This year we recorded "Silent Night" in the old church on the farm's land. It will forever be one of my most cherished memories. This entire weekend was exactly what my heart needed. Nothing can lift your spirits more than best friends! <3 

Here is a link to our Christmas song from two years ago:

Last year's (Joelle was sick + ft. Adam):

This year's video isn't quite ready yet, but I will post when it's up! 

Above I have linked our Christmas Pj's and all other Christmas photo clothes are linked below! I hope you are all blessed with great friends this Christmas season! xx

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