Wednesday, December 7, 2016

All Black + Gorgeous Details

Skirt | | Sweater | | Jacket | | Jacket | | Jacket | | Heels | 
Hat | | Hat | | Earrings: Similar | | Earrings: Similar |
 | Lipstick {Shade is Paramount} | | Purse: Similar | 

It's Wednesday & just like that the week is halfway over! I am SO excited about today's blog post because I have been waiting FOREVER to get a post up with this jacket! It just hasn't been possible until now! 

I am in love with this entire outfit. I love wearing black and the gorgeous floral detail on this jacket adds just enough of a pop! There are really SO many things you can wear this jacket with. It's great with denim--especially black jeans. I've worn it over dresses and short skirts, as well! & because of all the colors in the flowers you have so many options on color schemes to pair it with. 

Because this jacket is in such high demand for the holiday season, I have added three links to websites with it! So if one doesn't have your size I would try the others. I am wearing a small. 

Now about this skirt. As you probably know, these pleated skirts are a HOT commodity right now. But just a warning--be careful when purchases them blindly because many are really cheaply made (know from experience--literally tried on 4 in NYC). Also remember pleats can make you look bigger than you are. That's why I love this one! The color and material are much more flattering than many I've tried. The length also makes it easy to dress up or down depending on what you need it for! Huge plus for all the upcoming Christmas parties! 

I added the softest black, turtleneck sweater (a must have). I also wanted to soften the look by adding some neutrals in the mix. This suede purse is the perfect color. I linked a similar style and color bag! These shoes also go with so much because the color just matches everything!! And how could the outfit be complete without a hat and some sparkly earrings! 

Monday night I attended an opera in Searcy. My college roomie/bff was in the show, and she did a marvelous job as always! I went with my dear friend, Dr. Bill White. He is a man my grandfather's age, and in college he took me in as his adopted granddaughter. I would have dinner with him about once every week or two throughout my junior and senior years of college. He always tells me the most amazing and uplifting stories. My time spent with him is second to none, and I am so lucky to have such a great friend and mentor in my life. He has no idea how much his love and encouragement has helped me over the last 3 years, and there is no way words could ever describe it. <3 

Never underestimate the power and helpfulness of mentors. They are a wonderful resource to have! 

I am gearing up for my best friends retreat this weekend! All I need is my top 3 gals and a cabin in the woods to destress! xx

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