Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Leather & Leopard Print

{SALE} Leather Jacket | | {SALE}  Top | | {SALE} Jeans 
Boots | Hat | 

Hi friends! I have to apologize for my temporary hiatus as of late. I have been so busy it has been nearly impossible to find time to put together outfits--let alone have time to sit down and blog! 

Well, now the election is over (my Congressman & boss will be serving a second term YAY!) and my time is much more free to fill with hobbies! --shopping, of course! 

Today's post is on one of my favorite outfits. As you may know if you are a reader, I am a big fan of mixing brown and black. I actually try to do it often.

This outfit features a brown leather jacket, leopard top, black jeans, black boots and a brown hat with a black band. And GREAT news--the leather jacket is on SALE & very affordable (for real leather). The jeans and top are also on SALE! Woo! 

Soooo... this post also features two of my very favorite furry friends. This last weekend I visited my parents' house. If you follow me on Snapchat (ebeth_harper) you probably saw the many pets my family has! This post has my pup, Mylo the mutt dog, and Daisy the cat. Both rescue animals. 

I got Mylo about 9 months ago. He was found on the highway in a pile of trash. He was 8-weeks-old and nothing but bones. Today, he is the most spoiled {and loving} pup the world has seen. We were so curious about his breed we actually had a DNA test done. He is mostly Catahoula Leopard Dog and also has Mastiff, Newfoundland (random), Beagle, Bull Terrier and Pit. He is definitely a Heinz 57 dog! 

I really don't know what people did to deserve dogs. They are seriously a gift! 

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