Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Check on Check on Check

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Ok friends, now that the craziness of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is finally over I can focus on what I really love--and that is this matching skirt and coat outfit! 

I had just the best time shooting this outfit on the Brooklyn Bridge. It's definitely much harder to shoot here in the city than in the wide open space in Arkansas. 

So, this outfit is precious. The coat is almost gone so I added two different links above. So if you want it I would snag it before it's gone! This skirt is also great and will go with so much! I added a white button down with a black tie, but you can wear so many different tops with this outfit. The coat and skirt has a tint of olive in it as well! (my middle name!) 

The lipstick I am wearing is "Brave" by MAC! 

I'm wearing my newest bag!!! <3 Definitely a special purchase while in the city! And I got some posing tips from a new friend! :) 

So lately I've been hit with a lot of reality. I guess growing up at times can be really hard--imagine that! Trying to decide your life route and finding direction has been the main thing on my mind over the last several months. Yesterday I took a trip to NYU to check out the graduate school with my mom. I really loved the program, and it is definitely something I am interested in, but how do you know what direction is the right one to take? Do you just take a chance and go for it, or wait for some kind of indication of what you should or are "supposed" to do? 

I definitely have a lot of choices to make over the next couple weeks, but I will have to be prayerful and have faith it will all work out! 

Sending out lots of love today. xx

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  1. Hopefully you will keep doing your blog! I think it could be a hugely successful one!