Monday, November 7, 2016

Black Romper

Romper | | Necklace | | Hat | | Boots | | Jacket | 

Hey hey! Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

This weekend I walked in my last parade of the campaign season! I also voted on Friday! If you haven't yet I would definitely recommend getting that done over the next two days! I actually heard that 80% of registered voters are going to vote in this election. That's a crazy high percentage! 

Anyway, enough about that! Today's post is on the cutest little romper! I love this outfit because it is so comfy and versatile. There's really not much to this romper. It's super light and has a pretty white design on the bottom. 

I added my favorite floppy black hat, over-the-knee boots and vegan leather jacket! I LOVE this jacket! It's adorable and ONLY $98!  

Yesterday I watched the annual Hillcrest Pumpkin roll. It's when the neighborhood people get together and see who's pumpkin can roll the farthest down this street that's the steepest hill! They even close off roads for this. I had no clue pumpkins were such a people gatherer, but it was absolutely hysterical to see these pumpkins fly down the street! 

Since this is my last post before a new President is elected, I thought I would take this opportunity to offer a few words. I know as a general whole people aren't just thrilled about our two nominees, and you are welcome to add me to the top of that list. I know there are a lot of doubts about what is going to come, and how our country will cope, but I just want to say I know it will be ok. 

As a country, we have been through so many horrible and tough times. We've stood tall and recovered through economic downfall, terrorist attacks and not to mention, a few horrible presidents. We have been incredibly resilient through so much hardship. WE CAN DO IT! 

I know no matter the outcome of tomorrow night, we will stand united as a county. We have to remember to always love our neighbors, even when they disagree with us. We must treat one another with love and respect despite differing opinions and beliefs. Aren't our many differences what makes our country so great? 

So let's stand united and just hold our breath for the next 4 years and work really REALLY hard to find two amazing nominees, right?! 

Btw--watching Twin Peaks is possibly the best decision I've made in a very long time. Get on it! 

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