Friday, November 25, 2016

A Very Thankful Thanksgiving

As you all very well know, yesterday was Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a very important holiday in my family because well, every holiday is a very important holiday in my family. 

I was born into a large family. My mom being one of six. I grew up with many cousins close by, whom are still considered my very best of friends. From Easter to Memorial Day to the Fourth of July to Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas, every holiday is just another reason to gather together. 

My silly aunts always come up with some game for us to play (for their enjoyment), and we never seem to be able to grow out of the kids table. We always find ourselves huddled in the music room as one of my talented cousins entertains us on the guitar or piano. It's not a show one would want to miss. 

To some my large family may be overwhelming. We are loud. We love to laugh. Scratch that--we love to hyena laugh. But my very favorite part of Thanksgiving is gathering around with a group of people I am so incredibly *thankful* to be a part of. A group of people who love me and support me. Who challenge me spiritually and encourage me. 

Holidays are a lot of work. They take a lot of time and effort to pull together. Especially when you're feeding 40, but our time together is never taken for granted. I lost my older brother between Thanksgiving and Christmas. In times of loss it is often hard to find reason to be thankful. You have to  remind yourself that despite the bad there is still so much good. So many loving people who are there to help you through. Through loss I have seem my family pull together and encourage each other in ways I cannot describe, and I will forever be thankful, as my entire family will be, for those memories of those we love who have left us too soon. <3 

Below are a few photos from my Thanksgiving day! 

My little brother, Chandler. He's at school at Lipscomb in Nashville. I always say he's the most effortlessly cool person I know, and that always embarrasses him. 

Just a few of my cousins. --Really, this is only a few of them. 

My family<3 

My sissy (cousin) Morgan. We are 10 months apart, and neither of us had sisters so I think we lucked out with each other. Although, in the early years it did take quite a bit of convincing for her to finally like me. I say it's worked out! 

My mom. My biggest fan and my role model for everything. She is also the prettiest person I have ever known. 

Cousin Olivia turned 22 on Wednesday. She is one of the silliest and most fun people in the whole world. She has been on of my very best friends since the beginning! 

A few girl cousins. 

Morgan and her sweet, Andrew. 

Chandler, Olivia and Logan. Olivia is 5 months older than Chandler, and Chandler is 5 months older than Logan. 

Cousins Evan, Morgan and Tyler. Evan got married this last year to sweet, Jordyn. And Tyler just got engaged to sweet, Taylor, in the last couple weeks! 

Olivia, Caitlin, baby Saylor Mae and Julie

Juli and Beckett

My parents! <3 

My baby, Mylo! 

My brother's baby, Murphy! 

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  1. How darling are these family photos!? Thanks for sharing with us, Elle, and hooray, Nashville! :)