Friday, October 28, 2016

Military Themed Look For Fall

 Military Jacket | | Lace Top | | Denim Skirt | | Boots | | Hat 

Today's outfit is the most perfect and casual outfit for any occasion!  

I don't think it's hard to realize, BUT... I LOVE tall boots. If I have the choice between wearing booties and thigh-highs I will nearly always choose the latter. I think they are so fun and trendy, and you better believe I am ALL about trends. 

Military style is HUGE (no Donald Trump impersonation intended) this season. So if you have not already I would seriously start stocking up on the army-style jackets and coats for winter. This green, military jacket from Free People (linked above) is light and simple to through on with so many things. 

I paired it with a lace-up, long-sleeved top. Perfect for layering. I also added a zip-up, fitted denim skirt (can't ever have enough denim). I've had these boots since the 10th grade... so for nearly 8 years, and I still where them constantly. AND good news--they are still for sale on Free People in several different colors!! WOOO! 

This hat is on SALE on Free People so check it out and get the cowgirl look you've always wanted! 

In these pictures I have also realized that my hair is actually starting to get longer. No extensions added for these. I am so happy. It's seemed like to long since I dyed my hair blue and then eventually had to chop my hair above my shoulders. RIP hair. I loved my short hair, but I have been wanting it to finally be long for what seems like FOREVER now! 

I am ready for the weekend! Even if I have to work! I'm getting ready for some much needed rest time after the election. Last night I stayed up till 2:00 a.m. thinking about all the personal things I need to get done as soon as the election is over! Seems like the list never ends! <3 

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