Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Green Tulle Dress + Vegan Leather & Thigh-High Boots

If someone asked me what me "style" is I really wouldn't have an answer. I really like so many different things. Though I think I typically gravitate toward things that some people may think is weird! haha! --This dress for example. It's a simple, slip dress with a tulle skirt, and I LOVE it! 

Add a leather jacket and some thigh high boots & you have a perfect fall look! 

This is a look that's still girlie and not too grungy... I'm kind of getting over the extreme grunge look going on. Girls need to chill on the black lipstick when it's warm outside. Something just doesn't go. 

This jacket is vegan leather. Meaning it's much more affordable and you can get the exact same look! 

And there's a good chance I may wear these boots everyday this winter! 

For work, this has been the week of lunches, dinners and events! We are on a downhill sprint to election day, and I don't think it could get any more busy! As soon as November 9th is here I'm taking a day-long nap and starting a cleanse! 

Photos by: @sairahanphotog <3 

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