Friday, October 21, 2016

Getting Cozy for Fall in the Comfiest Poncho

Another Friday is here, ladies, and today's post is on the world's softest poncho! Actually this entire outfit is incredibly cozy and makes me so happy fall is finally here! 

Under my favorite top layer is another incredibly soft item. This dress is amazing and perfect for layering. It would be so cute by itself, but I love this look with the poncho on top! It would also look great with a cute blazer! Click HERE for a link to this adorable piece! <3 

Now it's time to talk about this PONCHO pullover linked here! I absolutely love all the colors in it. It makes it so easy to match up. Wednesday night I wore it with jeans and some casual, dark brown booties! I added an old necklace and purse to bring out the blue threading! 

I seriously love this Gigi New York bag! I got it for my 21st birthday after Em came to visit, and I raved over hers! Wish it was still available! :( 

I've linked similar boots to these below! 

Who has big weekend plans? I think tonight I may be going to a haunted cathedral with some friends! This weekend and all next week is going to be filled with different fall fests and trunk-or-treats! Campaigning has some serious hours, but the work is never boring! 

Hopefully everyone gets some great rest this weekend! I know I sure need it! 

Also--just started watching "This Is Us" online at, and holy cow. The first episode had me a little teary-eyed. I'm not even a big crier! It was so sweet. If you're looking for something to watch I would def recommend! <3 

Photos by my friend: @sairakhanphotog Check her stuff out on insta and give her some love! 

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