Friday, September 9, 2016

Simple Black Lace-Up Dress

It's Friday, friends & today's post is on one of my most favorite and simple outfits yet! 

This black, lace-up dress is on SALE for $26!!!!! Seriously, it's a must-have! 
Perfect for fall, and such an easy layering dress & it's probably the softest dress I've ever worn! --can you tell I like this dress?! 


I linked this bandana. It is only $6!! It comes in several different colors, too! 

And again today, I have on my fav boots! I keep coming up with so many outfits to go with these! I have to seriously make myself not wear them constantly! 

This weekend I am going to a county parade + fair, and I'm lucky enough to go with a few of my best friends from college. Even though I live within an hour from many of my closest friends it has been so hard to make our schedules work to spend time with each other. 

This weekend I want to encourage you to give people the benefit of the doubt. When crossed with difficult or hurtful people try your best not to jump to conclusions about their intentions (it's so easy to do... trust me, I do it ALL the time), but rather place yourself in their shoes. Try to stop and take the time to see things from their perspective to better understand where they may be coming from. We often assume people have ulterior motives when in reality they didn't even know they did you wrong. Let's all take time to love freely--despite differences. 

I hope you all have a peaceful weekend full of love! <3 

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