Thursday, September 8, 2016

Black Leather Jacket + White Lace Dress

Hi friends! This week I have been off my regular posting schedule due to the incredible business as of late. It's all part of working on a campaign with nearly 60 days till election day. Can you believe that?!?!... I sure can't! 

I hope everyone's week has been going well! We are one day away from the weekend. 

Today's post is on mixing black leather with white. So since I'm a new believer in white after Labor Day, I thought I would test my hand in it immediately after the day itself. This outfit is extremely simple to recreate and is a great ease into the cooler weather. 

A great thing about this look is if it is still too warm in the day, you can simply omit the jacket until the cooler evening. 

I added a black bandana with red, flower details to accessorize. I am loving this bandana trend. It's such a simple way to spice up an outfit with very little thought. 


Really though, these are my new faves. So cute. I love the studs and buckles. I feel like if I could only wear one pair of boots ever again it may be these. Also, not outrageously priced. 

I added these last two photos for fun. There's so much adventure to be found right outside of your door. Seriously though, these photos were taken probably 15 minutes (if even) from midtown Little Rock. 

I want to encourage you all to take a day and explore the area around you. Invite a friend, put down your phone and go for a drive. Find out the amazing and beautiful places right outside your neighborhood. We are so lucky to live in a world with so much diverse beauty around every corner. 



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