Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Purr-fect Striped Dress

From my last post it's easy to tell that being an animal lover comes natural to me. I truly believe the more the merrier! I have definitely always LOVED cats and anything to do with them. That's why I couldn't dare pass up this adorable kitty-eared hat. ...Now I totally just sound like a crazy cat lady. 

And it just happens to go perfectly with this adorable striped, lace-up dress. It is perfect fall transition outfit--especially when you live in the south, and you feel like you're waiting ages for it to actually get cold! 


I love how breathable this dress is, and how could I ever forget it has pockets!
 I think it would look adorable in the fall with booties and a black blazer. Pair it with a black, felt hat and voila--the perfect fall look! 

I am also a big fan of mixing black and brown. So you cannot go wrong with this dress. You have so many options for shoes and purses to match! 

Speaking of pets--this week I am housesitting for my colleague. She's hanging out by the beach, but I'm really the lucky one because I get to spend time with her cats and dogs. lol! I think I may take them home with me when she gets back! 

I hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday! xx


  1. Love that dress! Love the kitty hat!

  2. Wow.. stripes are so attractive visually. This is really cool dress I am so sure that everything look twice cool in stripes (Y). And this post is cute indeed..!