Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ruffled Camo Jacket

Three years ago if you told me I would be drooling over a camo jacket I would say you're absolutely crazy... Well, here I am today obsessing over this ruffled, camo jacket! Probably in another three years I'll be so embarrassed I like it now. Isn't it crazy how quickly trends change? 

Anyway, check this look out! <3 

As you can tell, it's still raining here. I haven't seen this may consecutive rainy days since living in London. I think I forgot what the sun is like. 

So the jacket runs a little big so if you are wanting a more fitted look I would size down. This is a small and it has plenty of room. 

I love mixing black and brown. These ripped jeans have been  a staple item for me for the last few seasons. The key to mixing black and brown is to accessorize with the other color. I added a brown purse, shoes and hat (the hat also has a black band). 

Wearing a light jacket is the perfect way to transition to fall. I've almost been tricked into thinking fall is here after all these cool days! 

Lately I've really been struggling with the "what's next" question for the future. I feel like there are so many things left to do, see and accomplish, but how do you possibly find time and the resources to make all your dreams possible? I've really been thinking about language school or grad school... or both. The next few months are going to be full of decisions and new & exciting adventures! 

So follow along... it'll only get crazier from here! xx

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