Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Black Lace Bell-Sleeved Top

So today's outfit may be one of my very favorites yet! You see, I have this weakness, and it happens to be for... bell sleeves. Lame, I know, but if you took a jaunt through my closet you would be shocked at the number of items of clothing I own with bell sleeves. It's actually a bit embarrassing! 

Second to bell sleeves would definitely be hats. Way, WAY too many hats...

This top is totally lace. You definitely need to wear something underneath it. Unless you are into being a bit scandy... in that case, you do you, girl! 

I added a chunky, western-style, beaded belt. 

LOVE the lace detail! 

I have worn these jeans for the last three days running. They are ripped on the left knee. 

This outfit is perfect for fall. I always love dark colors. Add some cute, black booties and a floppy, black hat. This outfit is so cute and so easy to put together! 

Lately my bangs have been at that awkward length when I can't decide if I want to grow them out or cut them again. I am in desperate need of some hair advice. 

Today was 73 degrees and rainy in Little Rock. So naturally I had my car heat on blast, seat warmers and steering wheel warmer on. I need it to ease into the cooler weather! 

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