Friday, August 5, 2016

Beach Trip Round Up

Like most good things, our beach trip had to come to an end. Being able to escape from the adult world and hang out with a few of my favorite people was long overdue. True, honest friendship is something you should never take for granted. I've been so blessed in my life to be surrounded by friends who genuinely love me and cheer me on. I wouldn't trade them for the world! <3 I hope everyone can have friends just as great! 

I LOVE this dress! It's a cheaper version of a pricy style. I love how it's so affordable, but you can't tell at all! ;) Our little secret! 

The best part of visiting my parents' beach house is hanging out on a private beach. Of course there are other people, but because our neighborhood is in the middle of a national forrest it cuts the beach traffic significantly. You have the same, gorgeous water and beach as Seaside and Rosemary, but just not the laying out on the beach next to a million people part! ...ok, maybe a million is pushing it a little, but you know what I mean! 

These shoes have to be one of my best purchases. I can't get over how cute the pineapples are! 

Skinny-minis, Laura and Savanna<3 

I love these photos Joelle took for my partnership with Daniel Wellington watches! If you use the code ELLEHARPER through August 15th you'll get 15% off your Daniel Wellington watch! Definitely worth it because I'm crazy about mine! I even bought a second band. 

*Joelle just launched her photography instagram. Check it out @joellekrantzphoto 

On our last day we spent a little time doing some shopping in Seaside and had lunch at Great Southern. *Seriously. The. BEST.* 

If you've never had the chance to ride a tandem bike then you are definitely missing out! But make sure the person on the back is actually peddling so you're not doing all the work! (Called out, Em!) 

As a bonus, I'm adding this snapchat pic in... Just as proof to what I deal with all the time! Haha! But while we're talking about snapchat, follow me-- ebeth_harper :) 

Thanks for reading along on my first week of blogging! I hope everyone has a fun and restful weekend. I'm headed home to spend a few more days with Laura before she takes back off to Paris! xx 


  1. Love your beachy pictues! Your legs look gorgeous in the pineapple slip-ons!
    My fave pic is of you looking the Chiquita Banana Girl! You're a natural!

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